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Twitter Twitter-profile adp_Applejack
Gender Female
Residence Sweet Apple Acres
Occupation Farmer/Bucker
More info
Eyes Green
Mane Blonde
Coat Orange
Nicknames AJ
Relatives Big Macintosh, Apple Bloom, Granny Smith, Braeburn
Cutie mark
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Orange Cow Mare who loves her family and friends! She loves competition and couldn't ever lie. Her and Rainbow seem to be very competitive of each other but that never gets in the way of their friendship!


Applejack is a young strong honest mare who can't ask for help. She does anything she can for her family and friends but it doesn't always go her was and she can't accept the fact that sometimes you need help.


Applejack works on her family's farm wicth is the best place to get apples, Sweet Apple Acres! She applebucks with her brother Big Mac and her lil sister Apple Bloom. She also lives with her old granny, Granny Smith.