This is a little guide for joining our Fan Club. MLP: FiM Twitter Fan Club is a RP group (and it's also your last chance if you want to RP with your favorite pony!)

1. You want to join us?

The very first thing is to do is to read the Guidelines. ​You read them? Great! Now you know the rules. Follow as the Guidelines says.

2. Think about your character

Who is it gonna be? An O.C.?  A character from the show? Be sure it isn't taken yet. You can be a Unicorn, Pegasus or an Earth Pony. You can also be a Zebra. You can be a baby creature, not an adult.

Cutie Mark

Okay, so let's think about your Cutie Mark. What do you want to be? Be original. You can be a filly Blank Flank. Try to think about it, you have all the time for it. I'll give an example: If you make the best cupcakes and make people smile, maybe it could be a smiling cupcake.


What's your personnality? Interested in fashion, like sports, and much more. The personnality is used for RPs with people.

WARNING: Don't be a pony who make others mad. If you do this, we'll have to retire you from the club. If you find a pony like that, report it to Twitter-profile the Mod please.

3. The concept

How will your character look? They are a lot of Pony Makers:

Or, you can draw your own with any drawing programs.

4. Starting off

Yay, you did your pony! Now before, you cannot just metion a pony's name and expect to RP with you. Here's how you do it:

Your first Tweet

Start of by RP with yourself. Yep, you may ask "How do I do that?". Do something like: 

*Walks into @adp_Example shop* Um... hello? Can I buy some of your treats?

Do not do things like this:

*Walks in front @adp_Example and slaps him* Why didn't you take care of my little sister last time! I'm not going to forgive you! Never!
  • The user forced somepony that they don't know to have done something in the past.
  • Violence is included. Remember: It's a show based for kids.

Another thing that must not be done:

*Sits in front of the Everfree Forest* *Heavy sigh* ((I'm waiting for RPs))
  • The user says he was waiting for RPs. Do not say that, 'cause it's like your forcing someone to RP with.
  • This is kinda like Drama, and we're not very interested in that.

We will show you an example of communication we want:

*Walks in front of adp_Example's shop* Um... hello? Can I buy some of your treats?
Sure! Which one do you want?
T-this one... *points at the bluberry cupcake*
It will be 10 bits!
Here you go. *Gives 10 bits*
Thank you! Hey, wanna hang out? I bet your new here.

And it continues...

5. FAQ

Q. Can I follow who I want?

A. Yes, you can. But don't forget to follow members of the club. You must follow Twitter-profile the mod to ask further questions!