Welcome to the PV weather report section! Check out what's happing!

This weekEdit

Monday will be coludy and up to 75 F degress following into thursday will be a small storm so we remomend you stay in on that day. Friday the storm will calm down and seem to clear out around 3:00 pm. Saturday will be a hot foggy day. Up to 94 F going into Sunday with 89 F. Hope you have a wonderfull week and come back for next week's weather!

Upcoming Events.Edit

Schools going to start for all the yong fillys and colts soon! Check out all the back to school sales! EX: Pencils...1 Bit for a pack! What a bargen! Remember to check out the PV Library, there having some back to school/Fall fun events! Free for all! Have fun, Check in with us next week for other great and fun events!