Rainbow Dash
Welcome to cloudsdale by ostfront-d5upu4x
Twitter Twitter-profile adp_Dashie
Kind Pegasus
Gender Female
Residence Cloudsdale
Occupation Weather Pony & Wonderbolts Trainee
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Eyes Cerise
Mane Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple
Coat Light Blue
Nicknames RD, Dashie, Rainbow Crash
Cutie mark
Note: Twitter-profile adp_Rainbow and Twitter-profile adp_RainbowDash are not the real ones. Twitter-profile adp_Dashie is the real one.

Rainbow Dash is a bright blue Pegasus living in Cloudsdale and one of the main characters. She has a rainbow-colored mane and she's Fluttershy's childhood friend. The two of them seems really close to each other. She holds the element of Loyalty. She also holds the Storm Crystal, a mystical orb that can only change the color of the area arond her.


Rainbow Dash is sometimes selfish and doesn't think before acting. But look in the bright side, she is loyal to her friends and a good friend to anyone. She loves action and reading the books titled Daring Do.


She works as a weather pony to control the weather in Ponyville. She always dreamed to be a Wonderbolt, and she's training now to be one.